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The Vampire Diaries “Break on Through” Review

“Break on Through”

Previously on The Vampire Diaries….I just love hearing that on my TV! Last week’s episode left me with a lot of questions. Is Alaric really the killer? Why kill council members? Where is the white oak tree? When will I see the Salvatore brothers without their shirt on? Yeah I said that last part! Let’s hope most of my questions are answered tonight. I have my twizzlers and Diet Dr. Pepper let’s get this show started!

OK, I will admit I was wrong about Meredith, looks like she really isn’t a psycho after all. She just wants to help Ric. Oh shit, that is freaky with Alaric. His demonic side showed its ugly murdering face; in a MRI machine no less. WHY does Elena keep forgetting that Stefan is a vampire? He drinks blood, he needs blood to survive wake up Elena! Haha, rainbows and unicorns, BEST line yet from Damon. My TVD twitter friend always uses that saying in her reviews; Love how they added it to this scene.  I do agree with Elena, Damon really isn’t the one to be showing Stefan control. He is the one that when pissed off goes and kills someone. Just sayin! 

 Seriously I love that Caroline is willing to help Abby adjust to becoming a vampire. I am so glad they made her a stronger person; next up really needs to be Elena please. Look who pops up in present day Mystic Falls, none other than the badass Sage. She is back for Finn after 900 years of him being daggered in a casket. How the hell did she even know he was undaggered? I don’t know how I feel about her yet. She has this evil side to her like Katherine does.

Cue Stefan and Elena, She is so judgy when it comes to Stefan. Get over it Elena, He is off the bunny diet! Finn is Sages one true love; He was the one that turned her into a vampire so they could be together forever. Awwww, so where is he? Why does he want to die if he truly does want to be with her forever? More questions! Ughhhhh. LOL Hate sex…HOT!!! So Sage can read minds? Lexy could get into minds and make that person hallucinate; I wonder why all vampires don’t have those kinds of tricks? Hmmm, Interesting.

I really enjoy the scenes with Damon and Bex, so hot! He really is good at teasing isn’t he? He seduced me from the TV! LOL Amen to Carolina for telling Jamie to get over himself and help Abby. Carolina went through this not so long ago, you need to be around humans to keep your humanity. I can’t believe Bonnie is still mad at Elena; she was not the one to turn Abby. She has to help with Ric, it’s a witch problem and she always said “that means it’s my problem”. Ahhh Ohhh, Stefan is stress eating because of his moment with Elena, not good, Control Stefan, "You're a vampire and you drink human blood, get over it. Own it, live it, love it, stop being ashamed of who you are.” Loved that saying Damon! LMAO “Unless you are interested in a Sage, Bex sex sandwich I suggest you make yourself scarce”…LOVE IT!! Damon dancing, Haha I really do like Damon and Bex together, they are both devious and ruthless vampires.

 I really hope Bonnie can help Ric. Just picturing him dying hurts me so much. Elena really can’t lose another parent figure and Damon can’t lose the bromance that he has with Ric. Oh yes, Damon shirtless. Pausing for a little bit just to take it all in. Ahhhhhh , OK moving along. Sage does her mind reading on a satisfied and sleeping Bex. The only way Sage can show Damon what she saw is by kissing him, OK! Damon standing naked and wet in a towel , WOAH. YES please! He is looking for the family logging book from 1912 to find out what happened to the white oak tree after it was cut down. WOW, I thought it would be The Gilbert lake house or the boarding house. Nope, Wickery Bridge was made out of the tree. CRAP!!!!  My heart sings whenever Stefan and Elena have a moment like this. Don’t get me wrong I want Elena to grow the hell up, Stefan to learn about himself before they even try to get back together, But I can’t help being a crying sap for their true love story. OH SHIT, Ric isn’t wearing the ring but the damage has been done already, his psychotic side is loose. YIKES!

Why is he telling Sage everything? Why does he do that? Do you know you can trust her Damon? Ughhhhh! See right there! The originals are linked, so Finn will die, and Sage ain’t having that! Stupid Damon, very stupid for telling her about the bridge. Heart sings again, Elena “I wasn’t planning on giving up on either of you” Meaning saving Ric and Stefan.  OMFG, I can’t believe Ric wrote that for Jeremy. “If I die, Carry on my work of killing the council members”. WOW, so that is why Samantha and Ric went after them. Get Jeremy to take that damn ring off now!  WHY did she run upstairs dummy. Now you are stuck, with no phone I might add and bleeding! Not smart

There it is, Bex burning the wood. Fucking Sage! Ughhhh.  FUCK, Elena is back home and it looks like Ric is still psycho, thank god Stefan is with her. OMG, Elena is actually smart in this scene….WOW. I really love that! More of the stronger, smarter Elena please writers! OMG, Stefan smells Meredith blood, he asks Elena to come upstairs and help him. Help him control himself. Heart is singing once again!!! Control it Stefan, learn it, live it, love it! You can get past this! I really think the “you will be alright” was for Stefan.

Bonnie did the spell on Ric to keep his killer alter ego at bay. Why didn’t they show that part? I love watching Bonnie do her thing. Damon to Ric “We are going to pack up some stuff, go to the loft. It will kind of be like house arrest” LOL. LOVE the Bonnie, Elena moment.  Girlfriends for life Bitches! WOW, Abby is going to run again. WHY!!!! Oh snap, Caroline told her! I FREAKIN LOVE CAROLINE!!!! Abby left! OMG, Poor Bonnie! WOW CRYING! Jeremy!!!! My heart is breaking for Elena right here. She has lost everyone in her family except Jeremy, Ric is really not himself, Stefan can’t be what Elena needs right now, Damon is a good friend to her but he needs to keep his distant right now. What does Damon have? OH SHIT OH SHIT!!!! WOW, Damon once again saves the day. AWESOME.

All in all I really enjoyed this episode; a lot of things came to light. One thing I really didn’t care for is Abby. Why bring her in just to have her leave again? I loved Ric’s scenes, the brothers, Damon shirtless, Stefan and Elena, Caroline and Bonnie. This cast is just so great at what they do. That is why I love watching this show!
Some of my questions were answered this week. How about yours?  Do you think the binding spell that Bonnie did on Ric will work? Biggest question is, do you think this master plan of theirs will work? You know how plans go in Mystic Falls!
Tune in next week to find out what that plan in tales, what the hell Bex is doing to Damon and the originals are back ya’ll…WOOT WOOT! 

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