Monday, March 19, 2012

GCB “Love is Patient” Recap/Review

 “Love is Patient”

This week’s episode starts off with Ripp not being able to get it up with Carlene in bed, Ahhh Ohhhh. He goes outside to let off some steam, Lookie lookie, Blake is up to something that has to do with Bill Vaughn’s finances. Since he didn’t find out what he wanted he takes out his frustration on Bill’s picture on a magazine.
Amanda thinks it’s family movie night at Gigi’s but Mama has other plans, Amanda needs to meet a nice rich man and that won’t happen at boobylicious, So Mama G rented some handsome oil men for a night out at the opera. When did the opera become a finding love place? Amanda is not having it so she wishes them a nice night and slams the door.

Onto the very distraught and horny Carlene, she just has no clue what to do about Ripp. So of course the only one to call is Cricket. Ummm, She has a mega huge California king size bed and her husband is gay! Good choice! Cricket tells her she doesn’t have that problem and to look up Holy Spirit and horny and visit the bible book store! Meanwhile Cricket is trying to get some satisfaction herself from the Pilates trainer. He turns her down by saying he’s engaged now so no more of that. Cricket is not used to being told no so she makes a call to buy all the fitness centers that his fiancé works for and tear them down.  WOW

Carlene and Cricket ask Sharon if she has dealt with Zach yet about the Amanda kiss, she tells them she is just going to ignore it and hopefully it blows over. Well the girls aren’t having that; Sharon needs to deal with it right now! At the booby bar Amanda and Heather are talking about the new rich man in town that Heather has eyes for. She is planning a “meeting” with him tonight by buying his favorite wine and cake. In walks the mean girls with Sharon in the lead yelling “well well well looky who is here”, Heather asks them what they are doing there and Cricket tells her “Heather this doesn’t concern the unmarried”  Sharon starts her rant with “stay away from my man” Amanda informs her that she is not the problem, Zach is the problem. Sharon continues yelling at Amanda stuff that sounds really rehearsed, probably wrote by Carlene. Sharon last words were” I will not be taken down by a fallen woman, Just then one of the waitress’s slides down the fire pole right on top of Sharon. Hahaha

Amanda comes home to a package, inside is a family photo and a letter from Bill right before he took off. The letter says how sorry he is for cheating on her with her friend, we haven’t been happy in a long time,please forgive me, yada yada yada……onto Carlene trying to make Ripp dress up as Adam and Eve to get his bit to build, Ummm yeah! He is not falling for it. Just then the phone rings, It’s the guy with info on Amanda for Ripp. I guess he is trying to find out if Amanda knows where the stolen money is. Wonder why he is so worried about it?

WOW, did ya’ll see that walk in fridge? OMG, I want one! Confession, I had that scene paused for about 5 minutes just taking it all in. I’m in love! Back on track, Sharon was about to confront Zach about Amanda but chickened out. So she calls the Texas chili hotline. After some talk about how to make the chili she asks a total stranger if she should confront her husband. Chili lady said HECK YEAH!

Heather tricks Amanda into going to the churches single meet up group, but low and behold they never expected the mean girls and hubby’s to be teaching it. YIKES, this is going to get ugly! Heather is in the never been married team headed by Blake and Cricket and Amanda is in the once married team headed by Ripp and Carlene. Ripp is really trying to get Amanda to write her secrets down on pieces of paper to stuff into a male piñata. Meanwhile Carlene takes Blake aside and tells him he needs to step things up in the bedroom so his wife won’t be going to ti Kwan dow just to get laid. Well well looks like Cricket does know that Blake is gay, and she’s not happy about it. She thinks that now would be a good time for a divorce because everyone would call her an adulteress and never think twice about who he really is.

I really loved how Cricket told Carlene to fix her own marriage and leave hers alone. I just really like when Carlene is told to go to hell, Hahaha! In the kitchen Sharon is trying to think of a way to ask Zach about the kiss with Amanda, just then Amanda walks in looking for string and Sharon yells at her to get out. But Sharon took a taste of the way to hot chili and before Amanda left she told her to tell Zach or she won’t give her the milk she needs to cool her mouth. Finally she tells him that she knows about the kiss, Zach tells her that he is a sorry piece of shit, naaaa that was me, and He never meant to hurt her. Sharon gave him a wife, 2 kids, and a home but he doesn’t think he wants that anymore.

Back in the never been married group, they are revirginizing themselves by burning pieces of paper with their past lovers names on it. OK…..In the once married group they are about to smash some piñatas with their secrets to bits. Ripp is just dying to get his hands on Amanda’s secrets, instead of waiting  he has a better faster plan, pull the fire alarm and grab her piñata whole.

Zach tells Sharon his life never turned out the way he really wanted it to, but he always pictured her in it. He asked to be forgiven and she got up, told him her life didn’t either, threw away her ice cream and told him hers just might still be ahead. Go Girl!!!! Blake and Cricket talk things out and looks like she is ok with their little lies, because Blake is the only man that has ever loved who she really is. OK, But he is gay! Carlene is sitting in her room crying because she doesn’t know why Ripp can’t get it up. Well it’s because Bill Vaughn stole money from him also. OK now, here it is. He just doesn’t feel like a man cause he was stolen from? OK then. Well his confession helped his problem because the flag is now a flying!

Back at Gigi’s, Amanda let’s all her anger out on the piñata, which actually makes her feel a lot better. She is ready to move on. Gigi starts reading the pieces of paper and come to find out they are not Amanda’s. Across the street Ripp and Carlene have an open piñata reading all of Amanda’s secrets. “Bill I wish you would leave me alone for good” I am never going to let you hurt me again” Now those have gotten them thinking that Bill is not dead. They are now on a mission to find a dead man and get their money back!

So what did you think about tonight’s episode? Do you think Bill really faked his death?

Next week we will see a decade themed party, and some more fighting. Can’t wait! 

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