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Thomas Galvin “Sire” review

Sire sucked me in from the first page.  It’s not another vampire love story with weak characters and happy endings. This story has strong characters, evil vampires with claws, blood, and humor.  Sire is a story about Caitlyn, a freshman in St. Troy University that never thought her world included vampires. She fights back when she gets kidnapped by an evil vamp, she fights for her friends when they get dragged into her mess, and ends up fighting for the one vampire she comes to have feelings for. For this book being Thomas Galvin’s first, I must say he did an excellent job writing and editing it. I could not put this book down, I read every word, never got lost or confused on the plot and he even left the end a cliffhanger! I hated that but it did leave me wanting more. I can’t wait to get my hands on book 2 of The Vampires of St. Troy. Thomas Galvin also does amazing and hilarious recaps for my favorite shows, The Vampire diaries, the secret Circle,and True Blood. Check him out on Twitter and his Website. You won't be disappointed! 

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Vampire Diaries “Break on Through” Review

“Break on Through”

Previously on The Vampire Diaries….I just love hearing that on my TV! Last week’s episode left me with a lot of questions. Is Alaric really the killer? Why kill council members? Where is the white oak tree? When will I see the Salvatore brothers without their shirt on? Yeah I said that last part! Let’s hope most of my questions are answered tonight. I have my twizzlers and Diet Dr. Pepper let’s get this show started!

OK, I will admit I was wrong about Meredith, looks like she really isn’t a psycho after all. She just wants to help Ric. Oh shit, that is freaky with Alaric. His demonic side showed its ugly murdering face; in a MRI machine no less. WHY does Elena keep forgetting that Stefan is a vampire? He drinks blood, he needs blood to survive wake up Elena! Haha, rainbows and unicorns, BEST line yet from Damon. My TVD twitter friend always uses that saying in her reviews; Love how they added it to this scene.  I do agree with Elena, Damon really isn’t the one to be showing Stefan control. He is the one that when pissed off goes and kills someone. Just sayin! 

 Seriously I love that Caroline is willing to help Abby adjust to becoming a vampire. I am so glad they made her a stronger person; next up really needs to be Elena please. Look who pops up in present day Mystic Falls, none other than the badass Sage. She is back for Finn after 900 years of him being daggered in a casket. How the hell did she even know he was undaggered? I don’t know how I feel about her yet. She has this evil side to her like Katherine does.

Cue Stefan and Elena, She is so judgy when it comes to Stefan. Get over it Elena, He is off the bunny diet! Finn is Sages one true love; He was the one that turned her into a vampire so they could be together forever. Awwww, so where is he? Why does he want to die if he truly does want to be with her forever? More questions! Ughhhhh. LOL Hate sex…HOT!!! So Sage can read minds? Lexy could get into minds and make that person hallucinate; I wonder why all vampires don’t have those kinds of tricks? Hmmm, Interesting.

I really enjoy the scenes with Damon and Bex, so hot! He really is good at teasing isn’t he? He seduced me from the TV! LOL Amen to Carolina for telling Jamie to get over himself and help Abby. Carolina went through this not so long ago, you need to be around humans to keep your humanity. I can’t believe Bonnie is still mad at Elena; she was not the one to turn Abby. She has to help with Ric, it’s a witch problem and she always said “that means it’s my problem”. Ahhh Ohhh, Stefan is stress eating because of his moment with Elena, not good, Control Stefan, "You're a vampire and you drink human blood, get over it. Own it, live it, love it, stop being ashamed of who you are.” Loved that saying Damon! LMAO “Unless you are interested in a Sage, Bex sex sandwich I suggest you make yourself scarce”…LOVE IT!! Damon dancing, Haha I really do like Damon and Bex together, they are both devious and ruthless vampires.

 I really hope Bonnie can help Ric. Just picturing him dying hurts me so much. Elena really can’t lose another parent figure and Damon can’t lose the bromance that he has with Ric. Oh yes, Damon shirtless. Pausing for a little bit just to take it all in. Ahhhhhh , OK moving along. Sage does her mind reading on a satisfied and sleeping Bex. The only way Sage can show Damon what she saw is by kissing him, OK! Damon standing naked and wet in a towel , WOAH. YES please! He is looking for the family logging book from 1912 to find out what happened to the white oak tree after it was cut down. WOW, I thought it would be The Gilbert lake house or the boarding house. Nope, Wickery Bridge was made out of the tree. CRAP!!!!  My heart sings whenever Stefan and Elena have a moment like this. Don’t get me wrong I want Elena to grow the hell up, Stefan to learn about himself before they even try to get back together, But I can’t help being a crying sap for their true love story. OH SHIT, Ric isn’t wearing the ring but the damage has been done already, his psychotic side is loose. YIKES!

Why is he telling Sage everything? Why does he do that? Do you know you can trust her Damon? Ughhhhh! See right there! The originals are linked, so Finn will die, and Sage ain’t having that! Stupid Damon, very stupid for telling her about the bridge. Heart sings again, Elena “I wasn’t planning on giving up on either of you” Meaning saving Ric and Stefan.  OMFG, I can’t believe Ric wrote that for Jeremy. “If I die, Carry on my work of killing the council members”. WOW, so that is why Samantha and Ric went after them. Get Jeremy to take that damn ring off now!  WHY did she run upstairs dummy. Now you are stuck, with no phone I might add and bleeding! Not smart

There it is, Bex burning the wood. Fucking Sage! Ughhhh.  FUCK, Elena is back home and it looks like Ric is still psycho, thank god Stefan is with her. OMG, Elena is actually smart in this scene….WOW. I really love that! More of the stronger, smarter Elena please writers! OMG, Stefan smells Meredith blood, he asks Elena to come upstairs and help him. Help him control himself. Heart is singing once again!!! Control it Stefan, learn it, live it, love it! You can get past this! I really think the “you will be alright” was for Stefan.

Bonnie did the spell on Ric to keep his killer alter ego at bay. Why didn’t they show that part? I love watching Bonnie do her thing. Damon to Ric “We are going to pack up some stuff, go to the loft. It will kind of be like house arrest” LOL. LOVE the Bonnie, Elena moment.  Girlfriends for life Bitches! WOW, Abby is going to run again. WHY!!!! Oh snap, Caroline told her! I FREAKIN LOVE CAROLINE!!!! Abby left! OMG, Poor Bonnie! WOW CRYING! Jeremy!!!! My heart is breaking for Elena right here. She has lost everyone in her family except Jeremy, Ric is really not himself, Stefan can’t be what Elena needs right now, Damon is a good friend to her but he needs to keep his distant right now. What does Damon have? OH SHIT OH SHIT!!!! WOW, Damon once again saves the day. AWESOME.

All in all I really enjoyed this episode; a lot of things came to light. One thing I really didn’t care for is Abby. Why bring her in just to have her leave again? I loved Ric’s scenes, the brothers, Damon shirtless, Stefan and Elena, Caroline and Bonnie. This cast is just so great at what they do. That is why I love watching this show!
Some of my questions were answered this week. How about yours?  Do you think the binding spell that Bonnie did on Ric will work? Biggest question is, do you think this master plan of theirs will work? You know how plans go in Mystic Falls!
Tune in next week to find out what that plan in tales, what the hell Bex is doing to Damon and the originals are back ya’ll…WOOT WOOT! 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Father Issues

                I saw a post today from a person I follow on word press about daddy issues. I commented to her about my story in hopes that it helps her make a decision with her own father. She wanted to know what if? What if he dies and she never gets the closure of saying goodbye or telling him she loves him? Well I am in that boat right now. I always asked myself what if but never did anything about it. I will start from the beginning. I was 11 years old when I saw something a child should never see, my father holding my mother up by her neck choking her and holding a gun to her head. I remember running down the stairs to call the police and that’s all I remember. At 33 I still have that part blocked in my memory. They divorced soon after and I stayed with my mom. At that time, I blocked out that incident, blocked out the type of man he was and I was angry at my mother for leaving him. As I grew up things started coming back to me about the type of man he was. He was an alcoholic, abuser, and just not a very nice person. When I was 16 he told me that I was a fat, useless piece of shit. He chose to move on and forget about me with his new readymade family.  He called my mom when I was 18 asking to speak to me but I was not there, he yelled at her for allowing me to go on vacation with my friends to Texas. We never heard a peep out of him after that. I was about to get married at 26 and I wanted to connect with his side of the family to invite them. I called his girlfriend to find out my aunts number, she started telling me that my father always thought about me, wondered if he ever passed me in a mall, remembered my birthday every year and he loved me so much. My questions to her were “Why hasn’t he called me”? "Where has he been the last 10 years"? My mom had the same number since I was 18. She didn’t comment. She did say that he would not approve of who I was marrying, a Mexican. Present day, Last month I found out from my mom that my father died in April of 2011. She didn’t get a call nor did I, She happened to think about him one night and goggled his name, That’s where she found his obituary. For 10 months my father was dead and nobody thought to contact us. I didn’t really know what I was feeling towards a dead man I haven’t heard from in 17 years. Anger, sadness, hurt, rage was what I was feeling a week later, when I finally read his obituary. Nowhere in it were me, my sister, nor my half-brother from his first marriage mentioned. His obit was a full blown lie, right down to him serving in the army. How does someone live with themselves for not notifying his family of his death? How does someone that is not legally anything to him have a right to cremate the body? I still haven’t got those answers. So if anyone out there is asking what if? My advice is to really think about that person, what if they are dead, would you have missed your time to say sorry, or tell them that you loved them? Do you have closure? Cause I don’t! I will never get my answers or my closure. I will never know why my father hated me so much. To make this a happy ending I did have a dad in my life. My mom met a wonderful man when I was 13 and married him when I was 18 that I called dad. He was everything a daddy should be. When we lost him in 2009 he knew that I loved him, He knew that he was my hero. I got my closure with him. Life is not a permanent thing; we can die at any moment. Get the closure you need now before it's too late.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nicholas Sparks “The Lucky One” Review

“The Lucky One”

I am such a big fan of Nicholas Sparks writing, he brings such a beautiful story and wonderful characters to all his books. The Lucky One is about a US marine named Logan Thibault who finds a photograph of a woman in the dirt while on tour in Iraq. Since the day he put it in his pocket he has been a very lucky man, winning big in a poker game and surviving deadly attacks in the war. According to his friend, that picture is his lucky charm. Home from the war, Logan sets out on a long journey across country to find the woman in the picture. To his surprise he finds much more than just a woman in a picture, He finds life. Beth is a divorced single mom living with her grandmother in North Carolina. Lost on what her future holds, until a stranger walks into her life and shows her how to believe again. This story is about the surprising paths our lives take and the power of fate to lead us to true love. Must read story in my book! A+ 

Monday, March 19, 2012

GCB “Love is Patient” Recap/Review

 “Love is Patient”

This week’s episode starts off with Ripp not being able to get it up with Carlene in bed, Ahhh Ohhhh. He goes outside to let off some steam, Lookie lookie, Blake is up to something that has to do with Bill Vaughn’s finances. Since he didn’t find out what he wanted he takes out his frustration on Bill’s picture on a magazine.
Amanda thinks it’s family movie night at Gigi’s but Mama has other plans, Amanda needs to meet a nice rich man and that won’t happen at boobylicious, So Mama G rented some handsome oil men for a night out at the opera. When did the opera become a finding love place? Amanda is not having it so she wishes them a nice night and slams the door.

Onto the very distraught and horny Carlene, she just has no clue what to do about Ripp. So of course the only one to call is Cricket. Ummm, She has a mega huge California king size bed and her husband is gay! Good choice! Cricket tells her she doesn’t have that problem and to look up Holy Spirit and horny and visit the bible book store! Meanwhile Cricket is trying to get some satisfaction herself from the Pilates trainer. He turns her down by saying he’s engaged now so no more of that. Cricket is not used to being told no so she makes a call to buy all the fitness centers that his fiancé works for and tear them down.  WOW

Carlene and Cricket ask Sharon if she has dealt with Zach yet about the Amanda kiss, she tells them she is just going to ignore it and hopefully it blows over. Well the girls aren’t having that; Sharon needs to deal with it right now! At the booby bar Amanda and Heather are talking about the new rich man in town that Heather has eyes for. She is planning a “meeting” with him tonight by buying his favorite wine and cake. In walks the mean girls with Sharon in the lead yelling “well well well looky who is here”, Heather asks them what they are doing there and Cricket tells her “Heather this doesn’t concern the unmarried”  Sharon starts her rant with “stay away from my man” Amanda informs her that she is not the problem, Zach is the problem. Sharon continues yelling at Amanda stuff that sounds really rehearsed, probably wrote by Carlene. Sharon last words were” I will not be taken down by a fallen woman, Just then one of the waitress’s slides down the fire pole right on top of Sharon. Hahaha

Amanda comes home to a package, inside is a family photo and a letter from Bill right before he took off. The letter says how sorry he is for cheating on her with her friend, we haven’t been happy in a long time,please forgive me, yada yada yada……onto Carlene trying to make Ripp dress up as Adam and Eve to get his bit to build, Ummm yeah! He is not falling for it. Just then the phone rings, It’s the guy with info on Amanda for Ripp. I guess he is trying to find out if Amanda knows where the stolen money is. Wonder why he is so worried about it?

WOW, did ya’ll see that walk in fridge? OMG, I want one! Confession, I had that scene paused for about 5 minutes just taking it all in. I’m in love! Back on track, Sharon was about to confront Zach about Amanda but chickened out. So she calls the Texas chili hotline. After some talk about how to make the chili she asks a total stranger if she should confront her husband. Chili lady said HECK YEAH!

Heather tricks Amanda into going to the churches single meet up group, but low and behold they never expected the mean girls and hubby’s to be teaching it. YIKES, this is going to get ugly! Heather is in the never been married team headed by Blake and Cricket and Amanda is in the once married team headed by Ripp and Carlene. Ripp is really trying to get Amanda to write her secrets down on pieces of paper to stuff into a male piñata. Meanwhile Carlene takes Blake aside and tells him he needs to step things up in the bedroom so his wife won’t be going to ti Kwan dow just to get laid. Well well looks like Cricket does know that Blake is gay, and she’s not happy about it. She thinks that now would be a good time for a divorce because everyone would call her an adulteress and never think twice about who he really is.

I really loved how Cricket told Carlene to fix her own marriage and leave hers alone. I just really like when Carlene is told to go to hell, Hahaha! In the kitchen Sharon is trying to think of a way to ask Zach about the kiss with Amanda, just then Amanda walks in looking for string and Sharon yells at her to get out. But Sharon took a taste of the way to hot chili and before Amanda left she told her to tell Zach or she won’t give her the milk she needs to cool her mouth. Finally she tells him that she knows about the kiss, Zach tells her that he is a sorry piece of shit, naaaa that was me, and He never meant to hurt her. Sharon gave him a wife, 2 kids, and a home but he doesn’t think he wants that anymore.

Back in the never been married group, they are revirginizing themselves by burning pieces of paper with their past lovers names on it. OK…..In the once married group they are about to smash some piñatas with their secrets to bits. Ripp is just dying to get his hands on Amanda’s secrets, instead of waiting  he has a better faster plan, pull the fire alarm and grab her piñata whole.

Zach tells Sharon his life never turned out the way he really wanted it to, but he always pictured her in it. He asked to be forgiven and she got up, told him her life didn’t either, threw away her ice cream and told him hers just might still be ahead. Go Girl!!!! Blake and Cricket talk things out and looks like she is ok with their little lies, because Blake is the only man that has ever loved who she really is. OK, But he is gay! Carlene is sitting in her room crying because she doesn’t know why Ripp can’t get it up. Well it’s because Bill Vaughn stole money from him also. OK now, here it is. He just doesn’t feel like a man cause he was stolen from? OK then. Well his confession helped his problem because the flag is now a flying!

Back at Gigi’s, Amanda let’s all her anger out on the piñata, which actually makes her feel a lot better. She is ready to move on. Gigi starts reading the pieces of paper and come to find out they are not Amanda’s. Across the street Ripp and Carlene have an open piñata reading all of Amanda’s secrets. “Bill I wish you would leave me alone for good” I am never going to let you hurt me again” Now those have gotten them thinking that Bill is not dead. They are now on a mission to find a dead man and get their money back!

So what did you think about tonight’s episode? Do you think Bill really faked his death?

Next week we will see a decade themed party, and some more fighting. Can’t wait! 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Vampire Diaries “1912” Review


It was a month long wait for the 1912 episode of TVD; I have missed you so much Mystic Falls! TVD left us wondering who the Mystic Falls killer is, and did Meredith kill Alaric? Well let me tell you we got those answers plus a hell of a lot more from tonight’s episode! WOW!!!! There was so much emotion, brother bonding, breaking the law, drinking of course, and an awesome friendship scene with Elena and Matt! Here is my reaction and thought’s from tonight’s episode.

Thank god Alaric isn’t dead, but he is in jail…WHAT What!!!  I REALLY don’t like Meredith at all guys! Sherriff Forbes, you do know you are talking to Damon right? He is not going to stay out of it! LOL

At least Matt doesn’t hate on Elena, Damon turned Abby not Elena! Yes everyone wants to save Elena but she did not ask for this crap!

LOL Damon and his jokes..LOVE “I could chew it into tiny little pieces and feed it to the squirrels” LOL I really do love this side of Damon more, all Mr. badass and his swagger!

Ahhhh Ohhhh, Stefan is going through withdrawal. I don’t understand why he can’t just try to control it! You don’t have to kill to feed Stefan! There is a fridge full of blood bags to snack from in your basement! LMAO Damon, “Dear Diary, a chipmunk asked me my name today; I told him it was Joe, That lie will haunt me forever.”  LOL #TeamSalvatore all the way!

So in 1912 there were also murders of founding families, Hmmmm, interesting! So could it be vampire?

Ooooo, Rebekah is looking for the white oak tree and Major Lockwood said it might have been cut down; a lot of the trees were used to build houses in the 1900s. Hmmm, wonder if any of the founding family’s houses are made of that tree! The Gilbert lake house? Oh shit, maybe the Salvatore boarding house!

I really don’t like that Sherriff Forbes believes Meredith about Ric. Why would he try to kill himself? That bitch is psycho I’m telling you!

This Damon and Rebekah teasing is so funny; She knows damn well the sex was great! Just look at the big O face from that night! LOL

Oh damn, Sage is a badass bitch!

I will not believe psycho Meredith’s lies; Ric is not a mean or violent man at all!

Breaking and entering, Shame Shame Elena! But very smart to guess Meredith has a cubby hole! I guess all the founding families had to have them.

I really hope the boys are catching everything Rebekah is asking them. They will need it later!

WTF, how did she know they were in the closet! She is freaky scary! Why would she accuse Ric of the murders and then change her mind…OMG so confused on this lady!

Poor Stefan, Fighting his nature! Try to control it Stefan!!!

OMG!! WTF Elena, Why did you have to see that! Please stop always thinking the worst of him! You know he is a vampire, you know he needs blood, and also look who is with him! DAMON!! Think girl!
OMG, Heart is breaking…Stefan’s face!!! *tear

I really love these scenes with Matt and Elena! Awww, Poor Matt, He still loves Elena! He took the journal for her too, Awww! I feel so bad for him, you are not invisible Matt!

YAY, Ric is home!!!

*Tear* Stefan! I just want to hold him!

So that’s how the rippah was born!!!

OMG…LOVE LOVE LOVE #TeamSalvatore right here.  CRYING!!!! Bro’s always and forever, Bro’s before hoes and all that!

So John Gilbert went crazy, his granddaughter went crazy, so does that mean Elena and Jeremy will also? YIKES

Hold up, Damon plays the piano! HOT! Does anyone else picture hot vamp sex on the piano? Hey, what can I say!

OMG…Wait Wait! Damon killed Samantha so is she a vampire that keeps killing every 10 years or something? WOW

OMG…It really is Meredith! Psycho killer! Psycho killer! Is she really a Gilbert! OMG I don’t know what to think anymore!

OMG WHAT WHAT…The Gilbert ring! So is it possessed or something? OMG I am so confused! What about Jeremy? He has been killed once only right? WOW WOW WOW, Talk about up the ante TVD. This is so good!!!

I am going to need to watch this whole season over again just to see if I missed some clues. Get Bonnie on those rings ASAP! Get Jeremy home ASAP!  OMG TVD is getting so freakin good!!!!  Next week’s episode looks crazy and sexy. Damon in a threesome? Ric going after Meredith? WOW, Next Thursday can’t come fast enough for me!

I want to hear everybody’s thoughts on tonight’s episode. Do you think it’s the ring making Ric kill? Do you think it is actually someone else? What about the white oak tree? WOW, there is so much to think about now! 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

GCB “Hell Hath No Fury” Review

“Hell Hath No Fury” 

I really like how they started the episode this week, Carlene narrating last week’s episode. Haha, “How many sins is that right there! You do the math! LOVE!

Carlene has stayed in bed all week because Amanda outed that she owned the boobie bar! Well little miss Carlene; you are the one that can’t get over high school. So you got what you deserved! Haha

Haha, Havalina! So I guess instead of being called an ugly duckling or having no fashion sense, this Texas town calls them a Havalina. “A Texas wild pig mean, ugly you can’t kill them fast enough” OK!

Amanda thinks things have blown over with Carlene since it’s been quiet, But Gigi thinks that nothing ever blows over with Carlene, “Be afraid, be very afraid! Hahaha

Carlene is singing Jesus take the wheel as a tribute to Amanda in church, nice choice since her husband Bill drove off the road and died. OUCH, Carlene is really nasty! What I loved was Crickets face while Carlene is singing. Looks like someone wanted to be the one singing today. Green eyed monster popping up!

Hahaha, Jealous Sharon notices a stain on Zach’s tie; she licks it and tastes wing condiments. Looks like Zach visits the boobie bar.

OMG, HAHAHA!  Cricket “Well, well, well, Carlene. I think Amanda just out christened you! Hahaha LOVED her face and the lightheaded wobble!

Those mean girls are nasty! Looks like Gigi’s party is not going to go so well with nobody there.

WOW, Mama Gigi is packing! Big time! She ain’t scared of a damn thing holding that shotgun! Hahaha

OMG, Hello Booth!! Why do you have to play for the other team! Oh My Cowboy!

Oh My, Ok I don’t like that they are showing that it’s ok for HS school girls to have breast implants. NOT OK GCB! WOW

Soooo don’t get why it’s ok for their daughters to be “mean girls” when they had such a horrible time when they were in HS. Don’t like that either!

Haha, Carlene making the girls at boobylicious look like Amish woman and blaming Amanda…WOW So her company doesn’t matter to her, just her own image! Yeah I don’t like Carlene very much! Does Blake even know about all this “change”?

Woot Woot, Amanda is going to throw down with Carlene…YEAH!

OH SHIT! Carlene left Amanda in tim buck to 80 miles away from home when her daughter is about to go with the mean girls part 2. OH SHIT! Now she gets to ride in the back of a truck with pigs. WOW

WOW, that’s a pep rally? CRAZY!!!!

WOW, Laura does have a point; Amanda started the Fox and Havalina crowd.

LMAO!!! She just flashed her boobies to everyone! Hahahahaha

Sad, Mother/ daughter relationships can be difficult.

OMG, What kind of bed is that? It’s like 2 king sizes put together. Haha

Haha, Fight fire with fire, and if that don’t work go to the husband! (So he didn’t know!) Then add some more wood to make it a bomb fire. LOVE IT!

This episode was funny, but some parts I really didn’t care for. I really like how Heather is staying friends with Amanda no matter what the mean girls think. I really love Amanda for staying strong and trying to do what it takes to support her kids, even if she has to look like a hooker, LOL So far so good GCB!

How does Cricket not know that her husband is gay?
What did you think of tonight's episode?

Make sure to watch next week 10/9c for some Lust and Adultery!  Ya Who!

Friday, March 9, 2012

John Green's "The Fault in our Stars" review

I just finished The fault in our stars, and WOW what a beautiful book about life, love and loss. The story is about a 16 year old girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster, who has been sickened with thyroid cancer. Her loving parents want her to get out and meet new people and not get stuck inside herself. They make her attend a church support group to talk and listen to others with cancer. There she meets Augustus Waters who lost his leg to cancer. He brings new life to Hazel and love. They go on a journey to find answers to Hazel's most wanted question, how does An Imperial Affliction by Dutch author Peter Van Houten end? I really enjoyed getting to know these two characters and I think you should too. It's such a wonderful, emotional story, with some added humor. I see a movie in its future. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

How I let my life pass me by…….

How I let my life pass me by…….

I never had any career goals for my future, I was just living in the present time. Now when I think back I want to hit that girl upside her head.  I am now a 33 year old mother of 2, going through a divorce, have no job and no clue on how to pick myself back up.  I surf the web on the right career choices for me. I have worked in a manufacturing job for the last 12 years just to make money for my family. I never wanted to do that as a career. Now I want to do something with my life, make my children proud of me, live a great life doing something that I love. Where do I start? How do I pursue a career when I have to support my children and me now? My hobbies are Photography, Writing, and Blogging about nail polish and nail art designs. How can I turn my passion into a career? I have been checking out creative writing, and communications degrees online, maybe that’s something I would like to do. I love dolphins also, but that is major training and schooling. I know nursing is a great field to get into but I couldn’t be around sickness and I just don’t have the passion to do that kind of thing. I let my life pass me by and now I don’t know how to live it. How do you pursue a dream when you don’t know what that dream is? It’s crazy at my age to be saying “I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up” 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Series premiere of GCB review


The show is based on a book called Good Christian Bitches from Kim Gatlin. I just love the books title! The show is about Amanda Vaughn who is having to move back to Dallas with her 2 teenagers to live with her mother after her crook of a husband shall we say had a “tragic accident while getting serviced”.  So it seems Amanda was a “Mean Girl” in high school to 4 classmates, Carlene is the queen bitch of town now, Sharon is a housewife that seems to never stop snacking, Cricket is the stuck-up CEO, and Heather is a successful realtor. In a small southern town in Dallas they never forgive or forget.

Ha-ha, did anyone else catch that the dog’s names were Tony and Romo?  Love it!

And here is peeping “Never forgot high school” Carlene, Watching Amanda unpack the car. There she goes calling her HS click friends Sharon, Cricket and Heather. I laughed through this whole scene.  The lines were just so funny. “Ummm, My bibles in my other purse” “Speaking of spitting, you did hear how Bill died didn’t you”? “Unfortunately she bit off more than she can chew”  “Ladies it is not appropriate to talk of such things over the phone, I will see you in church” HA HA

Gigi is the typical mom here,” I didn’t like when you were dating him in high school, really didn’t like you marrying him. And I hated it when he dragged you off to California” Mothers are always right Ladies and Gents!  Amanda’s son Will to his grandmother “Gigi do you have internet” Gigi “Why would I, I don’t watch porn” Ha-Ha. Amanda finds her Daughter Laura looking through her old HS yearbook. Amanda starts telling her all about her mean girl days, Amanda kicked Carlene out of cheer-leading squad because she had bad skin, Sharon was hot back in HS and was in the running to be Miss teen Dallas until Amanda told the judges she wasn’t a virgin, She stole Bill away from Cricket by spreading a rumor that she has herpes, and Heather was just a nosy girl that Amanda really didn’t pick on. Gigi to Laura “Your mama was a mean girl, I’m just saying” Ha-Ha

Reunion time at church, how fun and awkward all at once. Looks like Sharon’s hubby had a crush on Amanda in high school. Blake is Cricket’s hubby and it looks like Amanda gets along well with him, which Cricket is not liking. Carlene is married to Ripp who seems like a feisty man. Rawrrrr. Amanda “Was I that bad back then?” Gigi “You were a bitch with teeth” Will Asks Amanda “What does you reap what you sow mean” Amanda “It’s texting for Karma” Ha-ha

Amanda has a secret admirer that gifts cars, Nice! Heather takes it upon herself, with a nug from Carlene to show some unattractive houses to Amanda. One on an airplane landing strip! Zach gives Amanda a call just in time and asks her to stop by the dealership for info on the admirer. Low and behold there is no info; Zach just wanted to profess his love to Amanda. Ahhh Ohhh, Carlene catches the forced make out session between them.

Next day, Amanda walks down stairs to a newly texafied makeover on her lovely daughter Laura. Big hair and boobs showing to boot. Thank god that got put on hold with another delivery from her secret admirer. A Neiman Marcus makeover truck….NICE! Amanda sends them away. WHY?  Later that night Heather comes by to show Amanda more listings but alas, Amanda has been doing her own browsing and finds great houses in the area in her price range. What gives Heather! She was just about to tell Amanda when the unwelcoming committee stops by to make digs at Amanda. She kicks them out when it becomes too much, not before Carlene steals the Neiman Marcus card to find out who the admirer is.

Sharon is bullied by Carlene into going in Neiman Marcus to find info on Amanda’s admirer, until the man asks for ID and Sharon runs out of the store into Carlene’s car like she robbed the place. By the way, the makeover truck was worth $98,700, Wowsa! Looks like someone has sabotaged Amanda’s job hunting, nobody wants to hire her. Yep, there is Cricket making promises for people to say no to Amanda. Bitch! Like she hasn’t been having a bad day already, Amanda breaks a heel, and gets caught in the rain. She takes shelter in Boobylicious a sports bar, while chatting it up with the bartender about her outfit (Cleavage showing tank top and red shiny short shorts) and how much she makes a night for wearing them she spies a help wanted sign. BINGO! She’ll take it!

That night she meets Heather for drinks and tells her that she can now afford a better place to live, In walks Blake asking if she would like to have dinner with him and his ranch foreman. She agrees and follows him to the table. Here comes the very good looking Foreman Booth, I Karmba, YUMMY! Anywho, Even Amanda is affected by Booth’s hotness because she spills her purse under the table. Ohhh Man!  Where she catches Ripp rubbing Booths’s leg and starts holding hands. WOW Not knowing what to say Amanda grabs her things and makes a fast escape until Blake asks her if she will be going to the big Longhorn Ball tomorrow night, She tells him no she won’t to expensive, he is not taking no for an answer, He even throws in an outfit and Booth as her date, Awkward!

Amanda shows up at the ball the next night dressed very hot I might add, When Oh No here comes the unwelcoming committee. They start hounding her on a photo that Sharon’s son took of Amanda working at Boobylicious.  Carlene is telling her that she wasn’t being very Christian like by working there, But Amanda has a comeback for them. She knows that Sharon posed as her at Neiman Marcus. Sharon yells “it was Carlene’s idea” and runs off.  Carlene comes back at Amanda with the whole Zach kiss, Amanda said Zach kissed her. Carlene needed the last insult to be a doozy and shut Amanda up so she threw in how her husband died, “Atleast my husband keeps his hands on the wheel while having an orgasm” Oops, The kids walk up right when those words came out. OUCH! Back at home, Amanda is looking at the Niemen Marcus card wondering who her admirer is. When in walks Mama Gigi telling her that it’s her. Awww, that’s the best admirer! They have a moment and Gigi walks off to bed. Amanda pours her purse out on the bed and picks up her check from work, opens it and notices right away who the head company is, The Kitten corp. WOW, Carlene owns Boobylicious! Ha Ha

Sunday morning comes which means church time in Gigi’s house. This Sunday Amanda wants to say a prayer in front of the whole community. She feels blessed to have a home, family, and friends. She is thankful for her employers Carlene and Ripp for her wonderful job at Boobylicious. Ha Ha I loved Carlene’s face after that prayer!

I really enjoyed GCB, it made me laugh a lot. I plan to keep watching and I hope it stays around for a while! My favorite characters so far are Amanda, Sharon and Gigi. Hope you enjoyed my review.

Did you enjoy GCB?
What character do you like best?

Catch the next GCB March 11, on ABC at 10/9c

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Army Wives Season 6 Premiere Review

I don’t know about all of you but I was so excited for Army Wives to finally come back on, with a 2 hour premiere no less YAY! Let’s get started….

Part 1 “Winds of War”

The season starts off with hurricane Nina in full effect for Fort Marshall, Trevor is putting sand bags down, Pamela is on the job in her cop car when she calls Roxy and OMG Roxy is lost driving in a hurricane. Roxy is talking to Pamela on her Bluetooth “Glad she is hands free talking” when all of a sudden Finn yells watch out! WOW, that was a very intense 2 minutes.

Now flashback 4 days earlier....
  • ·         Roxy and Trevor joy riding on a motorcycle on a beautiful day…HOT! They are my favorite couple on the show by the way.
  • ·         It really makes me sad to think about the Army Wives and Husband separating.
  • ·         “Friendship lasts forever” Amen Claudia Joy.
  • ·         Awww, I loved how they told David he is an official Burton. That pen “I never had anything with my name on it before” Tear!
  • ·         WOW, Michael retiring from the army, I didn’t see that coming. Awww, “It’s time I follow you” So sweet!
  • ·         Haha, “Prepare for the worst and stock up on the rum” I love Roxy with all my heart!
  • ·         Roxy is so in denial about moving, that cart full of groceries would last me a month!
  • ·         TEAR! It still hurts that Jeremy is gone!
  • ·         Haha, Love the moving intervention for Roxy
  • ·         OMG, Roxy and Finn! So glad she told Pamela where she was.
  • ·         YES! Pamela said screw you, She is my friend!
  • ·         So so stupid Roxy! Why did you get out of the car! STUPID!
  • ·         Yikes, watch out for that down power line!!! Get him out…NOW!
  • ·         YES, Pamela to the rescue…HURRY
  • ·         WOW, that was freakin close! OMG, I am so glad Pamela got him out right away.
  • ·         OH SHIT Denise!!! Nooooooo…OMG….

Part 2Perchance to Dream
  • ·         Please Please tell me Denise is going to be OK!
  • ·         Poor Pamela, she has lost everything in her apartment.
  • ·         OMG, Denise!!! CRYING…Please wake up, We can’t lose you too! At least she is having some amazing dreams of Jeremy.
  • ·         Haha, I love Roxy’s new wheels….Hahaha
  • ·         OK, why didn't Pamela just ask Claudia Joy for a place to sleep? Why a shelter when you have amazing friends?
  • ·         “Crying again” Poor Frank, He just cannot go through losing Denise too.
  • ·         Ok Denise, Enough of the dreams! Please wake up already!
  • ·         YES! YES! YES! Fort Marshall is staying open! Everyone is staying together!
  • ·         Wait a minute! Why was Claudia Joy so happy to hear that Michael was offered Active Core Commander then get mad when he accepted it? Women make up your mind!
  • ·         Haha, Looks like the only one happy with Pamela and kids’ staying with the LeBlanc family is Roxy. Haha I loved all the looks they gave her.
  • ·         OH WOW, Denise hears Molly crying! OMG, I’m CRYING!! Jeremy OMG!  YES she woke up! YES!!!

I enjoyed tonight’s episode of Army Wives. I have missed them so much.  The only thing I didn’t really care for was the first 2 minutes. Why would you start with that?

So what did you think about tonight’s 2 hour premiere?
What Army Wife do you think will be gone forever?

Tune in next Sunday, March 11 at 9/8c on Lifetime

Saturday, March 3, 2012

My first hello....

Hello, I started this blog to expand my writing passion on books that I have read, TV shows that I love, And life in general. Hope you come along on this wonderful journey with me.