Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nicholas Sparks “The Lucky One” Review

“The Lucky One”

I am such a big fan of Nicholas Sparks writing, he brings such a beautiful story and wonderful characters to all his books. The Lucky One is about a US marine named Logan Thibault who finds a photograph of a woman in the dirt while on tour in Iraq. Since the day he put it in his pocket he has been a very lucky man, winning big in a poker game and surviving deadly attacks in the war. According to his friend, that picture is his lucky charm. Home from the war, Logan sets out on a long journey across country to find the woman in the picture. To his surprise he finds much more than just a woman in a picture, He finds life. Beth is a divorced single mom living with her grandmother in North Carolina. Lost on what her future holds, until a stranger walks into her life and shows her how to believe again. This story is about the surprising paths our lives take and the power of fate to lead us to true love. Must read story in my book! A+ 

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