Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Series premiere of GCB review


The show is based on a book called Good Christian Bitches from Kim Gatlin. I just love the books title! The show is about Amanda Vaughn who is having to move back to Dallas with her 2 teenagers to live with her mother after her crook of a husband shall we say had a “tragic accident while getting serviced”.  So it seems Amanda was a “Mean Girl” in high school to 4 classmates, Carlene is the queen bitch of town now, Sharon is a housewife that seems to never stop snacking, Cricket is the stuck-up CEO, and Heather is a successful realtor. In a small southern town in Dallas they never forgive or forget.

Ha-ha, did anyone else catch that the dog’s names were Tony and Romo?  Love it!

And here is peeping “Never forgot high school” Carlene, Watching Amanda unpack the car. There she goes calling her HS click friends Sharon, Cricket and Heather. I laughed through this whole scene.  The lines were just so funny. “Ummm, My bibles in my other purse” “Speaking of spitting, you did hear how Bill died didn’t you”? “Unfortunately she bit off more than she can chew”  “Ladies it is not appropriate to talk of such things over the phone, I will see you in church” HA HA

Gigi is the typical mom here,” I didn’t like when you were dating him in high school, really didn’t like you marrying him. And I hated it when he dragged you off to California” Mothers are always right Ladies and Gents!  Amanda’s son Will to his grandmother “Gigi do you have internet” Gigi “Why would I, I don’t watch porn” Ha-Ha. Amanda finds her Daughter Laura looking through her old HS yearbook. Amanda starts telling her all about her mean girl days, Amanda kicked Carlene out of cheer-leading squad because she had bad skin, Sharon was hot back in HS and was in the running to be Miss teen Dallas until Amanda told the judges she wasn’t a virgin, She stole Bill away from Cricket by spreading a rumor that she has herpes, and Heather was just a nosy girl that Amanda really didn’t pick on. Gigi to Laura “Your mama was a mean girl, I’m just saying” Ha-Ha

Reunion time at church, how fun and awkward all at once. Looks like Sharon’s hubby had a crush on Amanda in high school. Blake is Cricket’s hubby and it looks like Amanda gets along well with him, which Cricket is not liking. Carlene is married to Ripp who seems like a feisty man. Rawrrrr. Amanda “Was I that bad back then?” Gigi “You were a bitch with teeth” Will Asks Amanda “What does you reap what you sow mean” Amanda “It’s texting for Karma” Ha-ha

Amanda has a secret admirer that gifts cars, Nice! Heather takes it upon herself, with a nug from Carlene to show some unattractive houses to Amanda. One on an airplane landing strip! Zach gives Amanda a call just in time and asks her to stop by the dealership for info on the admirer. Low and behold there is no info; Zach just wanted to profess his love to Amanda. Ahhh Ohhh, Carlene catches the forced make out session between them.

Next day, Amanda walks down stairs to a newly texafied makeover on her lovely daughter Laura. Big hair and boobs showing to boot. Thank god that got put on hold with another delivery from her secret admirer. A Neiman Marcus makeover truck….NICE! Amanda sends them away. WHY?  Later that night Heather comes by to show Amanda more listings but alas, Amanda has been doing her own browsing and finds great houses in the area in her price range. What gives Heather! She was just about to tell Amanda when the unwelcoming committee stops by to make digs at Amanda. She kicks them out when it becomes too much, not before Carlene steals the Neiman Marcus card to find out who the admirer is.

Sharon is bullied by Carlene into going in Neiman Marcus to find info on Amanda’s admirer, until the man asks for ID and Sharon runs out of the store into Carlene’s car like she robbed the place. By the way, the makeover truck was worth $98,700, Wowsa! Looks like someone has sabotaged Amanda’s job hunting, nobody wants to hire her. Yep, there is Cricket making promises for people to say no to Amanda. Bitch! Like she hasn’t been having a bad day already, Amanda breaks a heel, and gets caught in the rain. She takes shelter in Boobylicious a sports bar, while chatting it up with the bartender about her outfit (Cleavage showing tank top and red shiny short shorts) and how much she makes a night for wearing them she spies a help wanted sign. BINGO! She’ll take it!

That night she meets Heather for drinks and tells her that she can now afford a better place to live, In walks Blake asking if she would like to have dinner with him and his ranch foreman. She agrees and follows him to the table. Here comes the very good looking Foreman Booth, I Karmba, YUMMY! Anywho, Even Amanda is affected by Booth’s hotness because she spills her purse under the table. Ohhh Man!  Where she catches Ripp rubbing Booths’s leg and starts holding hands. WOW Not knowing what to say Amanda grabs her things and makes a fast escape until Blake asks her if she will be going to the big Longhorn Ball tomorrow night, She tells him no she won’t to expensive, he is not taking no for an answer, He even throws in an outfit and Booth as her date, Awkward!

Amanda shows up at the ball the next night dressed very hot I might add, When Oh No here comes the unwelcoming committee. They start hounding her on a photo that Sharon’s son took of Amanda working at Boobylicious.  Carlene is telling her that she wasn’t being very Christian like by working there, But Amanda has a comeback for them. She knows that Sharon posed as her at Neiman Marcus. Sharon yells “it was Carlene’s idea” and runs off.  Carlene comes back at Amanda with the whole Zach kiss, Amanda said Zach kissed her. Carlene needed the last insult to be a doozy and shut Amanda up so she threw in how her husband died, “Atleast my husband keeps his hands on the wheel while having an orgasm” Oops, The kids walk up right when those words came out. OUCH! Back at home, Amanda is looking at the Niemen Marcus card wondering who her admirer is. When in walks Mama Gigi telling her that it’s her. Awww, that’s the best admirer! They have a moment and Gigi walks off to bed. Amanda pours her purse out on the bed and picks up her check from work, opens it and notices right away who the head company is, The Kitten corp. WOW, Carlene owns Boobylicious! Ha Ha

Sunday morning comes which means church time in Gigi’s house. This Sunday Amanda wants to say a prayer in front of the whole community. She feels blessed to have a home, family, and friends. She is thankful for her employers Carlene and Ripp for her wonderful job at Boobylicious. Ha Ha I loved Carlene’s face after that prayer!

I really enjoyed GCB, it made me laugh a lot. I plan to keep watching and I hope it stays around for a while! My favorite characters so far are Amanda, Sharon and Gigi. Hope you enjoyed my review.

Did you enjoy GCB?
What character do you like best?

Catch the next GCB March 11, on ABC at 10/9c


  1. I enjoyed GCB. Who wouldn't love gossiping GCBs!

    1. I loved it! I was laughing a lot during this episode and I hope that continues.