Sunday, March 4, 2012

Army Wives Season 6 Premiere Review

I don’t know about all of you but I was so excited for Army Wives to finally come back on, with a 2 hour premiere no less YAY! Let’s get started….

Part 1 “Winds of War”

The season starts off with hurricane Nina in full effect for Fort Marshall, Trevor is putting sand bags down, Pamela is on the job in her cop car when she calls Roxy and OMG Roxy is lost driving in a hurricane. Roxy is talking to Pamela on her Bluetooth “Glad she is hands free talking” when all of a sudden Finn yells watch out! WOW, that was a very intense 2 minutes.

Now flashback 4 days earlier....
  • ·         Roxy and Trevor joy riding on a motorcycle on a beautiful day…HOT! They are my favorite couple on the show by the way.
  • ·         It really makes me sad to think about the Army Wives and Husband separating.
  • ·         “Friendship lasts forever” Amen Claudia Joy.
  • ·         Awww, I loved how they told David he is an official Burton. That pen “I never had anything with my name on it before” Tear!
  • ·         WOW, Michael retiring from the army, I didn’t see that coming. Awww, “It’s time I follow you” So sweet!
  • ·         Haha, “Prepare for the worst and stock up on the rum” I love Roxy with all my heart!
  • ·         Roxy is so in denial about moving, that cart full of groceries would last me a month!
  • ·         TEAR! It still hurts that Jeremy is gone!
  • ·         Haha, Love the moving intervention for Roxy
  • ·         OMG, Roxy and Finn! So glad she told Pamela where she was.
  • ·         YES! Pamela said screw you, She is my friend!
  • ·         So so stupid Roxy! Why did you get out of the car! STUPID!
  • ·         Yikes, watch out for that down power line!!! Get him out…NOW!
  • ·         YES, Pamela to the rescue…HURRY
  • ·         WOW, that was freakin close! OMG, I am so glad Pamela got him out right away.
  • ·         OH SHIT Denise!!! Nooooooo…OMG….

Part 2Perchance to Dream
  • ·         Please Please tell me Denise is going to be OK!
  • ·         Poor Pamela, she has lost everything in her apartment.
  • ·         OMG, Denise!!! CRYING…Please wake up, We can’t lose you too! At least she is having some amazing dreams of Jeremy.
  • ·         Haha, I love Roxy’s new wheels….Hahaha
  • ·         OK, why didn't Pamela just ask Claudia Joy for a place to sleep? Why a shelter when you have amazing friends?
  • ·         “Crying again” Poor Frank, He just cannot go through losing Denise too.
  • ·         Ok Denise, Enough of the dreams! Please wake up already!
  • ·         YES! YES! YES! Fort Marshall is staying open! Everyone is staying together!
  • ·         Wait a minute! Why was Claudia Joy so happy to hear that Michael was offered Active Core Commander then get mad when he accepted it? Women make up your mind!
  • ·         Haha, Looks like the only one happy with Pamela and kids’ staying with the LeBlanc family is Roxy. Haha I loved all the looks they gave her.
  • ·         OH WOW, Denise hears Molly crying! OMG, I’m CRYING!! Jeremy OMG!  YES she woke up! YES!!!

I enjoyed tonight’s episode of Army Wives. I have missed them so much.  The only thing I didn’t really care for was the first 2 minutes. Why would you start with that?

So what did you think about tonight’s 2 hour premiere?
What Army Wife do you think will be gone forever?

Tune in next Sunday, March 11 at 9/8c on Lifetime


  1. Great recap! I think CJ was upset because he didn't talk to her before taking the position. But, in his defense, I'm sure had to make that decision right then and there.

    I have no idea who will be gone.

    I've only been watching AW since I became one 2 years ago. I really need to watch the first few seasons.

    1. Thanks Donna =) That is true, I was just surprised by how happy she was, then turned mad. I can see Pamela leaving cause Chase is in Cali. YES, watch from the beginning. Roxy was so funny in S1.

  2. Yeah, she really did a 180. I hadn't thought about Pamela but you're probably right. Especially since she can't live in her house anymore. They make it seem like someone will die or something, but you know how that goes. Kellie Martin is supposed to join the cast, I'm excited to see what will come of that.