Sunday, March 11, 2012

GCB “Hell Hath No Fury” Review

“Hell Hath No Fury” 

I really like how they started the episode this week, Carlene narrating last week’s episode. Haha, “How many sins is that right there! You do the math! LOVE!

Carlene has stayed in bed all week because Amanda outed that she owned the boobie bar! Well little miss Carlene; you are the one that can’t get over high school. So you got what you deserved! Haha

Haha, Havalina! So I guess instead of being called an ugly duckling or having no fashion sense, this Texas town calls them a Havalina. “A Texas wild pig mean, ugly you can’t kill them fast enough” OK!

Amanda thinks things have blown over with Carlene since it’s been quiet, But Gigi thinks that nothing ever blows over with Carlene, “Be afraid, be very afraid! Hahaha

Carlene is singing Jesus take the wheel as a tribute to Amanda in church, nice choice since her husband Bill drove off the road and died. OUCH, Carlene is really nasty! What I loved was Crickets face while Carlene is singing. Looks like someone wanted to be the one singing today. Green eyed monster popping up!

Hahaha, Jealous Sharon notices a stain on Zach’s tie; she licks it and tastes wing condiments. Looks like Zach visits the boobie bar.

OMG, HAHAHA!  Cricket “Well, well, well, Carlene. I think Amanda just out christened you! Hahaha LOVED her face and the lightheaded wobble!

Those mean girls are nasty! Looks like Gigi’s party is not going to go so well with nobody there.

WOW, Mama Gigi is packing! Big time! She ain’t scared of a damn thing holding that shotgun! Hahaha

OMG, Hello Booth!! Why do you have to play for the other team! Oh My Cowboy!

Oh My, Ok I don’t like that they are showing that it’s ok for HS school girls to have breast implants. NOT OK GCB! WOW

Soooo don’t get why it’s ok for their daughters to be “mean girls” when they had such a horrible time when they were in HS. Don’t like that either!

Haha, Carlene making the girls at boobylicious look like Amish woman and blaming Amanda…WOW So her company doesn’t matter to her, just her own image! Yeah I don’t like Carlene very much! Does Blake even know about all this “change”?

Woot Woot, Amanda is going to throw down with Carlene…YEAH!

OH SHIT! Carlene left Amanda in tim buck to 80 miles away from home when her daughter is about to go with the mean girls part 2. OH SHIT! Now she gets to ride in the back of a truck with pigs. WOW

WOW, that’s a pep rally? CRAZY!!!!

WOW, Laura does have a point; Amanda started the Fox and Havalina crowd.

LMAO!!! She just flashed her boobies to everyone! Hahahahaha

Sad, Mother/ daughter relationships can be difficult.

OMG, What kind of bed is that? It’s like 2 king sizes put together. Haha

Haha, Fight fire with fire, and if that don’t work go to the husband! (So he didn’t know!) Then add some more wood to make it a bomb fire. LOVE IT!

This episode was funny, but some parts I really didn’t care for. I really like how Heather is staying friends with Amanda no matter what the mean girls think. I really love Amanda for staying strong and trying to do what it takes to support her kids, even if she has to look like a hooker, LOL So far so good GCB!

How does Cricket not know that her husband is gay?
What did you think of tonight's episode?

Make sure to watch next week 10/9c for some Lust and Adultery!  Ya Who!

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