Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Vampire Diaries “1912” Review


It was a month long wait for the 1912 episode of TVD; I have missed you so much Mystic Falls! TVD left us wondering who the Mystic Falls killer is, and did Meredith kill Alaric? Well let me tell you we got those answers plus a hell of a lot more from tonight’s episode! WOW!!!! There was so much emotion, brother bonding, breaking the law, drinking of course, and an awesome friendship scene with Elena and Matt! Here is my reaction and thought’s from tonight’s episode.

Thank god Alaric isn’t dead, but he is in jail…WHAT What!!!  I REALLY don’t like Meredith at all guys! Sherriff Forbes, you do know you are talking to Damon right? He is not going to stay out of it! LOL

At least Matt doesn’t hate on Elena, Damon turned Abby not Elena! Yes everyone wants to save Elena but she did not ask for this crap!

LOL Damon and his jokes..LOVE “I could chew it into tiny little pieces and feed it to the squirrels” LOL I really do love this side of Damon more, all Mr. badass and his swagger!

Ahhhh Ohhhh, Stefan is going through withdrawal. I don’t understand why he can’t just try to control it! You don’t have to kill to feed Stefan! There is a fridge full of blood bags to snack from in your basement! LMAO Damon, “Dear Diary, a chipmunk asked me my name today; I told him it was Joe, That lie will haunt me forever.”  LOL #TeamSalvatore all the way!

So in 1912 there were also murders of founding families, Hmmmm, interesting! So could it be vampire?

Ooooo, Rebekah is looking for the white oak tree and Major Lockwood said it might have been cut down; a lot of the trees were used to build houses in the 1900s. Hmmm, wonder if any of the founding family’s houses are made of that tree! The Gilbert lake house? Oh shit, maybe the Salvatore boarding house!

I really don’t like that Sherriff Forbes believes Meredith about Ric. Why would he try to kill himself? That bitch is psycho I’m telling you!

This Damon and Rebekah teasing is so funny; She knows damn well the sex was great! Just look at the big O face from that night! LOL

Oh damn, Sage is a badass bitch!

I will not believe psycho Meredith’s lies; Ric is not a mean or violent man at all!

Breaking and entering, Shame Shame Elena! But very smart to guess Meredith has a cubby hole! I guess all the founding families had to have them.

I really hope the boys are catching everything Rebekah is asking them. They will need it later!

WTF, how did she know they were in the closet! She is freaky scary! Why would she accuse Ric of the murders and then change her mind…OMG so confused on this lady!

Poor Stefan, Fighting his nature! Try to control it Stefan!!!

OMG!! WTF Elena, Why did you have to see that! Please stop always thinking the worst of him! You know he is a vampire, you know he needs blood, and also look who is with him! DAMON!! Think girl!
OMG, Heart is breaking…Stefan’s face!!! *tear

I really love these scenes with Matt and Elena! Awww, Poor Matt, He still loves Elena! He took the journal for her too, Awww! I feel so bad for him, you are not invisible Matt!

YAY, Ric is home!!!

*Tear* Stefan! I just want to hold him!

So that’s how the rippah was born!!!

OMG…LOVE LOVE LOVE #TeamSalvatore right here.  CRYING!!!! Bro’s always and forever, Bro’s before hoes and all that!

So John Gilbert went crazy, his granddaughter went crazy, so does that mean Elena and Jeremy will also? YIKES

Hold up, Damon plays the piano! HOT! Does anyone else picture hot vamp sex on the piano? Hey, what can I say!

OMG…Wait Wait! Damon killed Samantha so is she a vampire that keeps killing every 10 years or something? WOW

OMG…It really is Meredith! Psycho killer! Psycho killer! Is she really a Gilbert! OMG I don’t know what to think anymore!

OMG WHAT WHAT…The Gilbert ring! So is it possessed or something? OMG I am so confused! What about Jeremy? He has been killed once only right? WOW WOW WOW, Talk about up the ante TVD. This is so good!!!

I am going to need to watch this whole season over again just to see if I missed some clues. Get Bonnie on those rings ASAP! Get Jeremy home ASAP!  OMG TVD is getting so freakin good!!!!  Next week’s episode looks crazy and sexy. Damon in a threesome? Ric going after Meredith? WOW, Next Thursday can’t come fast enough for me!

I want to hear everybody’s thoughts on tonight’s episode. Do you think it’s the ring making Ric kill? Do you think it is actually someone else? What about the white oak tree? WOW, there is so much to think about now! 


  1. It looks like the ring is possessed. But what was Meredith doing the the Gilbert diary? That's what I'm curious about.

    1. That is another big question, where did she find it? Why did Alaric kill Bill Forbes and the medical examiner too? So many questions!

  2. They are members of the founding families and that's who the killer targeted last time. But I don't get the deal with the founding families and why everyone wants to kill them off.